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Technicom Int'l Global Electronics Research Corp (TIGER), based in Brighton, MI  is a research organization focused on developing leading edge solutions in various technology gaps. By using small business research funding, "TIGER" utilizes its resources in staff, university partnerships and joint development agreements with fortune 500 organizations, both military and commercial, to develop fielded product solutions to our customers. Whether your project is large or small, our team of experts can provide the solutions you need. 

The company has a joint operating agreement with Global Electronics Ltd. a Tier 1 automotive supplier as well as a DoD supplier to RDECOM, TARDEC, TACOM, SOCOM. Global has completed DoD contracts of $3.8m since 2007

The company has also partnered with Cognitive Radio Technologies to develop smart phone based  situational awareness applications for both military, automotive, and commercial customers.  The company is also involved in diesel engine controls through neural network algorithm development.

TIGER is here to assist your by providing a wide range of products and services, depending on your needs. To speak with an experienced member of staff about our electromagnetic compatibility testers or other products, contact us online or by phone.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Testing



 Electromagnetic Compatibility-Simplified Product Reliability Tester 

Waveform Examples  (A1:  50v/div, 1ms/div)                                                     Figure 2, Simplified Schematic

EMC Wave form