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Kenneth A. Marko


1964 - 1968 Massachusetts Institute of Technology - B.S. Physics

1968 - 1969 University of Michigan M.S. Physics

1969 - 1974 University of Michigan Ph.D. Physics

1974 - 1976 Post doctoral Fellow, Physics Department, University of Michigan

1976 - 1985 Research Scientist, Physics Department, Ford Motor Company

1985 - 1993 Research Scientist and Project Leader Vehicle Systems Dept. Ford Motor Company

1993 - 1999 Principal Research Scient ist and Project Leader, Control Systems Dept. Ford Motor Company

2000 - 2002 Black Belt Champion Six Sigma Program Ford Motor Company

2000 - 2003 Technical Leader Ford Big Bang R&D ,Advanced Eng./Research, Ford Motor Company

2003 - 2004 Director, Mobile Asset Solutions, OEM Solutions Group, Reynolds and Reynolds

2005 -2010 Chief Scientist: Diagnostics, Innovation Center, ETAS Inc.

Awards and Honors

Teagle Foundation Scholarship

(MIT) Sigma Xi (MIT)

National Science Foundation Fellowship (University of Michigan)

Organizer and Chairman Society of Mechanical Engineering Workshops on Neural Networks (1992,1993)

Henry Ford Technical Achievement Award (1992, 1993)

Ford Research Achievement Award (1991,1992,1997)

Organizer and Chairman of SAE International Workshops on On-Board Diagnostics

Ford Nominee of National Inventor of the Year for OBD Misfire Detection (1998).

Ford European Technical Achievement Award (2001)

General Chairman Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IEEE and IN NS Societies) 2001


Failure Detection Algorithms Applied to Control System Design for Improved Diagnostics and Reliability, (with M. Liubakka, G. Rizzoni, and W. Ribbens) SAE Conference, Detoirt, Michigan, 1988.

Automotive Control System Diagnostics Using Neural Nets for Rapid Pattern Classification of Large Data Sets, (with J. James, J. Dosdall, and J. Murphy), International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, Washington, D.C. 1989.

Automotive Control System Diagnostics and Control System Development Using Neural Networks, Neural Informatin Processing Symposium III (NIPS90), Boulder, Colorado, November 1990.